Sirens blaze and blue lights pulsate from police wagons in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

It’s the Saturday night of a harrowing week for the United States, where two fatal shootings of black men by police made international headlines and shook the country to its core.

Adding fuel to the fire was the deaths of five police officers on Thursday in Dallas, when former US military veteran Micah Johnson engaged in a “calculated” sniper attack – before being killed by a bomb police sent in via robot.

Among other cities, protests against racial bias and police brutality were held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Saint Paul, Minnesota over the weekend.

Nearly 1000 miles away, protesters in Chicago were fired up.

By Sunday morning, at least 19 arrests were made during the Chicago protests, according to ABC7Chicago, along with hundreds of other protesters across the US.

“No one wants to be treated like a black American, period. And police know how they treating us. Either they shoot us or they tase us,” protestor Quano told ABC Radio’s Mike Williams for Hack.

Words by Ang McCormack, read the full story over at the Hack website.